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Hi! I’m Meredith.

I’m happy you’re here. You may have landed here because you run your own small business and you are tired of wasting your time and energy dealing with the things that frustrate you and aren’t part of your dream.

You know that having an online presence is necessary these days. If you don’t have a website or a presence on social media networks, it’s almost like you don’t exist. How do you get clients when people’s attention spans are so short? The answer is to regularly produce content. But if you don’t have time to research, write, edit, and package your content for your audience, Indigo Ink Solutions is for you.

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With a Master’s of Library and Information Management, I can research virtually any topic you can think of, in places you didn’t expect.

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Marketing & Communications

Whether you need help getting a monthly newsletter out or want to boost your social media presence, Indigo Ink Solutions can help.

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Information Management & Technology

Trying to get your projects organized, but feel overwhelmed by all the options? Indigo Ink Solutions can help find the right toolset so you can get back to work efficiently.

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Training & Consulting

Indigo Ink Solutions offers training and consulting in a variety of areas, including MacOS and software, iOS devices and apps, project management tools, and more.

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Writing & Editing

If you don’t have time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, let Indigo Ink Solutions handle it. From copywriting text for anything from newsletters and blog posts to trend books and about pages, Indigo Ink Solutions has you covered. Need to polish what you already have? Indigo Ink Solutions also offers a variety of editing services.


Why it matters

When was the last time you visited a new place? Did you have a guide book with you, or a local friend? Did you ask a hotel concierge for thoughts… or did you consult an app on your phone?

This isn't called the Information Age for nothing.

Everyone gets their information from somewhere, and an increasing number of people are getting it from online websites. That means social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. That means apps like Yelp and Nextdoor.

If you don't have an online presence, you're missing out on engagement, leads, and sales.

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar storefront or you have a service-based business, it’s important to have an online presence. Your would-be customers or clients are looking for verification that your business is worth their time and money. They don’t have time for sales pitches. You need to become their trusted advisor before you sell anyone a thing.

Indigo Ink Solutions is your trusted advisor.

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