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Meredith Sweet Silberstein

Meredith Sweet Silberstein

Business & Technology Coach

I’ve been creating things with technology since I was seven years old and learning Windows 3.1 on a PC at my local Kinko’s print and office supply store. I grew up writing and illustrating my own fantastic stories, but I wanted to use computers to share them with my friends, maybe even get them published in the magazines I loved reading. 

I ended up honing my love of writing and asking questions into a co-editor-in-chief role with my high school newspaper, which turned into a Journalism major and English Creative Writing minor for my undergraduate degree. But the news media was undergoing a major evolution, and I had to decide: was I cutthroat enough to be part of it?

I Prefer to Help People.

After graduating in 2009, I found I enjoyed helping people learn more about technology. I parlayed years of experience as an Information Technology Student Assistant at my university’s IT Help Center into jobs at two busy Apple Retail Stores: the San Francisco store (now Union Square) and the Sherman Oaks store in the heart of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.

But retail is not where my heart lies. For me, helping people doesn’t mean selling them the highest-ticket item or the most accessories. It means teaching someone something new, it means giving them a sense of relief. It means helping make their dreams come true by having one, five, or ten fewer things to worry about!

In 2017, I earned my Master’s in Library and Information Management. This degree enabled me to see how I could help people in all-new ways: from answering the question “Where do I begin?” to “How do I get this done?” 

Indigo Ink Solutions is for small businesses feeling overwhelmed by the necessity of having an online presence. When it gets to be too much to maintain social media accounts, a website, AND do what you love, Indigo Ink Solutions has the answer. 

If you don’t have time to research, write, edit, and package your content for your audience, Indigo Ink Solutions is for you. 

Whether you need copywriting and editing of blog posts, need to jazz up your regular newsletter, or want help spiffing up your WordPress website, Indigo Ink Solutions can help you.

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